What Do I Do?

Making funeral arrangements is a time of emotion and on occasions, there are difficult decisions to make. Many people struggle with where to start the process. At Shaun Hamilton Funerals we will endeavour to make this process as simple as possible. We listen to you as a family, some families know exactly what they want, where some families rely solely on our suggestions.

Each family is different with individual needs. Nothing is right or wrong when organising a funeral. If it is important to you as a family it is important to us. Never be afraid to make requests, as in most cases these can be arranged.

Prior to contacting Shaun Hamilton Funerals there is some information which may be useful in what to do immediately when your loved one passes. Sometimes this can be sudden, other times a result of a long illness, therefore we have listed some circumstances where this may occur. We have tried to keep these guidelines simple.

When Death Occurs at Home

This can either be sudden or a result of a long illness. If sudden an Ambulance is called, they will help guide you through by contacting the Police or Doctor. If the passing was expected, then a call to the Doctor or Palliative care team will implement a home visit to issue a medial cause certificate. Once this is completed we are able to transfer your loved one to our mortuary facilities.

When Death Occurs at a Public Hospital

When a death occurs in a Public Hospital the first thing you need to do is contact your Funeral Director, there is no immediate rush to do this as all Public Hospitals have mortuaries and will take care of your loved one until all the necessary paperwork is complete. Once you have made the arrangements with your Funeral Director he /she will arrange for your loved one to be transferred to the funeral homes health department approved facility.

When Death Occurs at a Private Hospital

If a death occurs in a Private Hospital the hospital will ask you to nominate a Funeral Director, as Private Hospitals do not have mortuary facilities and the deceased will need to be transferred to a funeral home as soon as possible. 
Your Funeral Director will arrange with the hospital a suitable time for the transfer once the necessary paperwork has been completed, if the Doctor is not available, a registered nurse can issue a Life Extinct Form. Your Funeral Director will then liaise with the Doctor for the appropriate paperwork in due course.

When Death Occurs at a Nursing Home

In most nursing homes the procedure is the same as if your loved one was in a Private Hospital. When a person enters a Nursing Home the family are more often than not required to nominate a funeral home just in case something happens in the future.

It may be prudent to have some pre-arrangements in place and your Funeral Director would be pleased to put your mind at rest over any matters that may be concerning you.


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